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Age: 1 Year Old
Breed: Lab Bassett Mix


"If you're looking for an outgoing, whole-body wiggler, Gucci may be the dog for you! We don't know exactly what her mix is that gives her the adorable short legs, but we do know this low-riding lady is adorable!" Gucci quickly settled into Camp where she became friends with a couple of regulars. She loves to hug and kiss all of our Camp Counselors. Gucci does well meeting new fur-iends and settles in nicely. She has manner while on leash, but needs some training in other basic commands. She has a good amount of energy and will need a way to burn that off.  Will do well in an active family or even coming to day Camp will allow her to burn that energy off. If you're interested in Gucci please contact Labs and More Rescue!

Adoption Information

Shelter/Rescue: California Labs and More Rescue
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