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Age: 3 Years
Breed: Boxer Mix


"Meet Adara! She is a 3-year old Boxer with the classic wiggle butt that all boxers seem to have! You will be challenged to find a happier or nicer dog. Adara loves all people and dogs her size! She is happy-go-lucky with a tail that rarely stops wagging. Adara is comfortable and quiet in her crate. She walks well on a leash and is happy with a short neighborhood walk so that she can explore and smell all the lovely smells. Adara will make a great companion for any family and might do well with condo/apartment living. Like all young dogs, she needs a family committed to providing the appropriate training, exercise, mental stimulation, and of course, all of your love and attention so she can blossom! Adara should be in a cat-free home because she just can't resist chasing them if given the chance. If you are looking for a friendly, well socialized dog that doesn't require hours of exercise....Adara's your girl!"

Adoption Information

Shelter/Rescue: California Labs and More Rescue
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