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Our Certified Caregivers come to your home to give your pets the best care when you're not there!

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    Do you have puppies or an older dog? Perhaps your dog has siblings of another species like a cat, bird, fish or iguana? When you go to work for long hours or travel for vacation, who do you trust to care for these important members of your family? Camp Bow Wow® offers pet sitting and is the most comprehensive and individualized in-home pet care available. We take the stress out of having to leave your furry, scaly or chirpy family members at home alone.


    Our Certified Caregivers are passionate about providing love and attention to the pets in their care, not just a quick drop-in for a “nature” break. If your pet requires a little extra TLC, medication, or has other special needs, this is the service for you. Our Caregivers are experienced in administering medication, caring for pets recovering from surgery and providing special care for puppies and senior dogs. As the premier provider of in-home pet care, we offer all of the services you need:


    When you can’t be home for your pets, we has you covered. We design each visit to accommodate your specific pet care needs.

    HB Andrea and Dakota   

    Vacation Visits

    While you’re away, we visit your pets daily to take care of all of their needs and, of course, give them lots of love and attention.

    Overnight Pet Sitter Stays

    Let us stay overnight with your pets to provide them the ultimate pet care experience. You get all the benefits of vacation visits, plus a Caregiver to stay with your pets overnight.


    Mid-Day Dog Walks

    Be sure your dog receives the exercise they need by scheduling regular dog walks and come home to a healthy and happy pup! Learn more about our dog walking service.

    Michael - HB 


    Don’t take chances on the safety of your pets – all our Caregivers are held to a high standard of service and safety for both your pets and your home. Camp Bow Wow In-Home Pet Care is bonded and insured and each Caregiver is:

    • Pet first aid & CPR certified
    • Background checked
    • Skilled in caring for pets with special needs


    We use Power Pet Sitter for all caregiver instructions and reservations. If you have had Camp Bow Wow in-home care before you are already in our system. Please let us know if you need us to send your user ID and password. If you are a new client, please request a consultation and we will get you set up. 


    Once we set up you access info, the easiest way to schedule visits is to go in and enter the times and visit durations you desire. We will assign caregivers, approve the visits and then send an e-mail confirmation.

    We offer service within time blocks and will do our best to honor hour specific requests within time blocks. Overnight sitter arrival and departure times are arranged with clients

    Wake-Up:  6 – 8 am   Morning: 8 – 10:30 am Mid-day: 10:30 am – 2 pm  
    Afternoon: 2 – 4:30 pm        Evening: 4:30 – 7 pm Goodnight: 7 – 9:30 pm
    Late Night: 10:30 - 11 pm (15 minute visit, special rate per below)

    We are be as flexible as possible. When visits are scheduled after 7 pm for the following day we must make calls to confirm Caregiver availability and a $5 next day scheduling charge may be applied.

  • Our Certified Caregivers come to your home and take care of your pets, providing love and attention – not just a quick potty break. Let us create a pet sitting program that works for your specific needs!

    Service Price
    In-Home Consultation FREE
    Care for multiple pets in the home No added $
    15-minute 'Let Me Out' visit $15
    15-minute Late Night let out $23
    30-minute visit or dog walk $20
    45-minute visit or dog walk $25
    60-minute visit or dog walk $30
    2-hour visit (may include walks) $45
    3-hour visit (may include walks) $60
    4-hour visit (may include walks) $75
    8-hour Overnight Pet Sitting $90
    10-hour Overnight Pet Sitting $105
    Dog Food delivery with visit No added $
    Key pick-up or return $5
    Adjacent zip code service $5 to $10 depending on distance $5
    Added for non-emergency visits scheduled on same day or after 7pm on previous day  $5
    Package Price
    5 30-minute weekday mid-day visits or dog walking $85
    20 30-minute visits over consecutive days $360
    Other Service/Package Credit
    Credit for referring a new customer $20

    Holidays: To compensate sitters for their time away from families & friends, there are holiday charges as follows.

     Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving & New Year’s Day $5/visit 
     Goodnight and Late Night Let out on Christmas and New Year’s Eve  $5/visit
     Christmas Day and Overnights Christmas Eve and Day  $10/visit


    Nicole C
    Position: Manager -  In-home Pet Care and Dog Walking
    With Camp Bow Wow Since:2012
    My pets: Angel a Senior teacup Chihuahua and Bommerang a rescued Scarlet Macaw. Has owned horses dogs. cats, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles and hamsters and saltwater fish.
    Pet Related Experience:Fostered for DHA, owned/ran private horse boarding


    With Camp Bow Wow since: 2011
    My pets: Two birds: Joey (an African Grey) and Cuerva (a Sun Conure)
    Pet Related Experience: Animal rescues and welfare for 26 years
    With Camp Bow Wow since 2014
    My pets: Beans as 2-year old lab mix that LOVES going to Camp when Tina works
    Pet Related Experience: Team Lead at Camp Bow Wow
    Kristen C
    With Camp Bow Wow since 2015
    Pets: Tuukka-Lou, a 4 year old Catahoula leopard and Visula mix
    With Camp Bow Wow since 2015
    My Pets: Petey and Bella (dogs) and Maddie and Charlie (Cats)

    Pet Related Experience:  Volunteered with CHA and SPCA since 1990's doing special events and fund raising work

    Position: Caregiver for Bear, East Newark and Elkton
    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2014
    My pets: JayCat, and George The Giant Goldfish
    Pet Related Experience: Grew up on a farm, and has experience around horses, pigs, chickens, cows, goats, rabbits, and more.
    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2014
    My pets: Two dogs: Chance and Treble; Five cats: Sampson, Charlie, Wish, Luna and Xena; Parrot named Jake and three turtles.
    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2015
    My pets: Archie a 13 year old Scottish Terrier. Have had other dogs and cats.
    Other: A senior at Arizona State University online studying graphic design with a focus in web development.

    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2016
    My pet: Stella, a sweet & shy smaller dog
    Pet Related Experience: Morning Counselor at Camp Bow Wow

    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2016
    My pets: Flower a 7-year old Chihuahua and many more before her.

    Other: Volunteered at Carousel Farms

    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2016
    My pets: 5 dogs, 2 birds and 2 fish!
    Pet Related Experience: Grew up on a farm, worked at two vet offices, raised 2 service dogs for the blind, had Arabian horses, showed Himalayan cats, volunteered at a bunny rescue and dog rescue. Tried my hand at obedience work with a couple of Shelties. Lived with bunnies, guinea pigs (including a three legged one!), rats, hamsters and a variety of birds.
    With Camp Bow Wow Since: 2018
    My pets: Three dogs that are the loves of my life.
    Pet Related Experience: Volunteered for rescue groups
    With Camp Bow Wow since 2018
    Pet related Experience: Worked at Brandywine Zoo
    With Camp Bow Wow since 2018
    Pet related experience: Worked at a pet care business in PA and also works as a Camp Bow Wow Camp Counselor.

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Our Certified Caregivers are experienced in administering medication, caring for pets recovering from surgery and providing special care for puppies and senior dogs.

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Safety is our first priority. To make sure we keep dogs safe all clients are required to complete a Camp Bow Wow In-Home Care Dog Safety Sheet so we can avoid any potential unsafe situations and situations which may stimulate dogs in our care.  Please complete this sheet and give it to the person doing your initial consultation.