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We WOOF our Campers! Check out our featured Campers at Dallas. These pups love to play all day in our fun, safe and social environment, and receive lots of love and attention from our Certified Camp Counselors® whether they’re in for day care or boarding.




Hi, y’all! I’m Tennessee Rose – a Sheltie pup living with my mom in Dallas. I love big hair, mirrors, and all things Southern (I go by my full name, Tennessee Rose, or Tennessee for short).


I’m super sassy and love to pose for the camera. I moved to Dallas at eight weeks old to pursue my dream of becoming a puppy model. By six months, they were already looking for younger talent. (Aging in dog years is especially tough in the modeling industry.) Don’t worry – you can still find some of my glamour shots in major pet supply stores!


Since my early retirement, I’ve dedicated all my energy to herding my friends and family and being an activist for Camp Bow Wow. I’ve learned which days of the week I get to go to Camp. And from the time the alarm goes off, I march in circles around my mom and cry until she says the magic words, “Are you ready to go?” I even know the route to the building! I lose my mind at the same spot on Oak Lawn every time. I love Camp so much, I won’t even nap while I’m there. #FOMO


I consider myself a successful advocate, since my mom, her parents, and her coworkers all watch me and my pack on camera all day.




Hi! My name's Tux! I'm a Pyrador - that means my dad is a Labrador Retriever and my mom is a Great Pyrenees. I was born in East Texas and I will be three in May. I've been with my human parents since I was just a tiny puppy and, in 2016, I got a human baby brother! His name is Rhys and he is my best friend. He pulls on me a lot and tries to ride me like a horse since I'm so big, but I'm very patient with him; I know he's just a baby. I lay by his bedroom door while mom puts him to bed and I alert them when he wakes up from naps. Sometimes I even get to snuggle with him! Because of my breed, I am super protective of him and my mom.  My bark is very intimidating and some say I look scary, but I'm really just a big ol' teddy bear. Odds are, if we've met, I've tried to hug and kiss you! My humans named me Tux (Tuxedo if I'm in trouble) because of my markings. I'm all black and my paws, chin, belly and the tip of my tail are white (they say it looks like I've run through white paint) and my belly has two spots that look like buttons.


I'm very smart, intuitive, gentle and independent but I also tend to have a bit of a stubborn streak. As long as I have plenty of exercise and attention and I'm a very happy good boy! I love to play ball in the park with my dad and I could run and fetch for hours! I also love to be lazy; taking naps on my humans' bed and couch are my favorite thing to do when they're at work. Because they work so hard and we live in an apartment in the city, I get to spend at least two days a week with my friends at Camp Bow Wow and I LOVE IT! 

My parents like to say that I'm a real person, not just a dog. They always say, "he's a human trapped in a dog's body, I swear!". I think it's because my eyes are so expressive and I've spent so much time with them that I've learned their language and how to communicate my wants and needs effectively. I love to cuddle and have my head and neck and tummy rubbed. I don't like baths but I do like to be brushed (I have a lot of hair!) and I LOVE going for rides in the car; mom even lets me ride in the front seat!

Thank you for choosing me as the Camper of the Month! My family is so proud - they've been telling everyone! Next time you see me, come say hello and give me a hug! Or, if you've got any extra laying around, I do love treats!