This article was written by Heather Franchini, Lead Dog, or Sales Coordinator at Camp Bow Wow.

Working with Dogs: The Camp Bow Wow Office Environment


Working for a company like Camp Bow Wow, I am lucky enough to be able to bring my 70 pound black lab to our office houndquarters like it is the norm.  Each morning, my dog Beau will be standing by me while I load up my computer and lunch knowing one of two things is going to happen: 1) He gets to ride with me to Boulder, relax in my office and likely get a run at lunch; or 2) He get to go to Camp Bow Wow – Lodo and play the day away! 


When he comes with me to the office, he has a dog behavior that I have been trying to figure out for the past 3 years since I rescued him…licking.  Now, my lab is not the “kissing” type by any means.  I am pretty sure I can count the times on one hand that he has come up and licked my face, most of which were during stents on the couch with the flu or a bad bug. 

The “licking” behavior that I am referring to is mostly related to his feet.  Here I will be, on my computer working, and there it is…the sound.  Most individuals would complain about barking as a bad dog behavior, but for me, this licking is like nails on a caulk board. 

So where does this behavior likely come from?  I took my search to the internet and found first that I needed to make sure there wasn’t a medical reason.  Good timing because his annual vet appointment was coming up.  I asked her to take special notice to his feet and as expected, no medical condition.  With that option out of the mix, the reason became less clear cut and became a “behavior.”

After going through the many reasons this behavior can occur, I made the following conclusion: my dog Beau licks his feet when he is relaxed and/or bored.  I thought about the situations where he licks his feet the most and they were either in my bed at home or at my office. 

Maybe my next experiment will be to try and tell if there is a difference in the licking when he is bored (office) or relaxed (at home in bed).  Guess that means he will be spending less time at the office and more time playing at Camp!

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