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Camp Bow Wow, the Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camp® in North America, now has over 100 locations open across North America, including Canada. We were recently ranked as the 447th fastest growing private company on the INC magazine 500 for 2009 list.

The Camp concept provides the highest levels of fun, safety and service for its Campers, and peace of mind for their parents. The first Camp Bow Wow opened in Denver, CO in 2000 and is already celebrating it's 10-year anniversary!  Since the Colorado-based company started franchising in 2003, Camp Bow Wow has awarded over200 franchises in 40 states, plus one in Canada. As Camp Bow Wow grows, our simple philosophy remains the same: It’s all about the dogs!

Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow®

HB-logopgHB-logopgThe latest brainchild from Camp Bow Wow creator Heidi Ganahl, Home Buddies, builds upon the Camp Bow Wow mantra, “It’s all about the dogs,” and applies it to all family pets. The new in-home service was designed to provide an antidote for the stress pet parents feel when leaving their furry, feathery and fishy broods at home alone. Home Buddies is dedicated to keeping a pet family together and happy while their parents are away at work, running errands or jetting off for a well-earned vacation.

The service was created in response to Camp Bow Wow parents who have other pets needing care at home – new born pups, elderly or infirmed dogs, cats, birds and fish – who aren’t eligible to attend Camp. Each locally owned Home Buddies provides pet owners with a menu of services so clients can customize care and services to meet their pet family’s needs. Home Buddies services include dog walking, daytime and overnight care, poop scoop cleanups and administering care to special needs pets. Pet parents, who can’t bear to be away from their brood, can rent Home Buddies CamsTM, similar to the Camper Cams used at Camp Bow Wow locations, and have them installed in their homes so they can look in on their family by logging on to the internet.

Behavior Buddies®

Is your four legged companion a barking Boston? A jumping Jack Russell? A biting Boxer? Does your pup need some manners? Ever feel like your dog rules you and the house, and your personal belongings have become their daily toys? Well, perhaps we can help you with a game plan designed to turn your bench warmer into an All Star!

Introducing Behavior Buddies, the Premier Dog Training Program from the largest pet care providers in North America - Camp Bow Wow® and Home Buddies! Behavior Buddies was created to help you modify your canine player's behavior issues, teach a new puppy the game, or make an already good dog an MVP!

The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation®


Bow Wow Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and health of dogs everywhere, through supporting foster and re-homing programs, spay and neuter efforts, disaster assistance, canine cancer research, animal welfare education and shelter improvements.






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