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Awards & Testimonials

We love being a part of our community and are proud to provide high-quality care and love for our four-legged friends. See what the  community has to say about our dog day care and boarding services!

"The employees of Camp Bow Wow are friendly and recognize my dog by name upon arrival. They were very accommodating recently when I had a special request due to an aging dog. I trust they are taking the best care of our dog and know he loves it there as he always races in the door."

- Lowell and Jenny

"EVERYTHING! Friendly staff, great facility, my dog is exhausted after a fun day at camp!!!!"

- Ali S.

"Friendly staff and our dog Chief LOVES it there. He is always happy to go to Camp Bow Wow yet still happy when we come to pick him up."

- Cathie

"I love the all of the employees that work there. It is great to know that they love dogs just as much as I love my own. I feel comfortable knowing that I am sending my dog to a reputable place and don't have a fear of them hurting or abusing my dog if my dog gets out of line because let's face it, dogs are animals and they can be just as stubborn and not listen. It takes a special person to be around dogs all day long and I am glad they have chosen the employees that they have."

- Jillian

"Everyone at Camp Bow Wow loves our pets! It is evident every day when my dog leaps out of the car to go in. Thank you for all the love and making my day great because I know my dog is happy and well cared for."

- Tori

"My dog is very happy to go to camp! He obviously has fun when he's there! Staff if friendly! Tanner is a gem! Great guy with great customer service skills! (A lost art these days.)"

- Kate