Getting Ready For Camp

    • Camp Bow Wow Camper Evaluation & Interview Process

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Camp Bow Wow® welcomes all dogs based on their behavior and ability to handle the rigors of Camp. It is not corporate policy to turn away a dog based on breed. Depending upon location there may be outside factors dictating who may be allowed in Camp, these may include:

      • City Ordinances
      • Insurance Policies

      We built our business and our foundation on improving the lives of our furry friends worldwide. When creating policies for our Camps, we first and foremost consider the safety, health and happiness of our Campers, second, the wishes of our human clients, and third, the welfare of our well-respected and highly regarded brand.  Our Camps have an incredible safety record and we hold our franchises to the highest standards in caring for our Campers (including recording all play yard activity on our live web cams for review at a later time). Our strict policies are a key reason customers are so loyal to our brand.

      We have a very stringent application and interview process for our Campers – all dogs must pass this before entering our group play environments – and about 10% don't make it due to excessive possessiveness, territorial and fear aggression. Our Camps must be certified in the Camper Care Specialist Program, which consists of intense dog behavior training, play yard monitoring techniques and evaluating dogs based on capabilities to adapt and enjoy our open-play environments. 

      We work with several experts in dog behavior to create policies designed to evaluate each dog on an individual basis.  Camps look at the whole dog during this process. Breed type is only one of many considerations when qualifying a dog for Camp. Dogs are bred for many different types of work; some are bred to be physically strong while others are bred for jobs requiring them to have dominant behavioral characteristics and/or tendencies. During the evaluation process emphasis is placed on each dog’s behavior with their breed characteristics taken into consideration.

      Our Camp Counselors and Camper Care Specialists are continuously educated and recertified to learn the best techniques on evaluating and monitoring dogs at Camp.

      They are certified to evaluate dogs using some of the following techniques:

      • Hands-on meet-and-greet to evaluate dog’s response to physical touch
      • One-on-one introduction with other regular Campers
      • Slow introduction into open-play environment
      • Ongoing Camper evaluation during every visit to Camp

      For more frequently asked questions, vist our FAQs section.

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    • How do I make a reservation for Day Camp or Overnight Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      Your guardian can contact us during Camp hours at the local camp number or twenty-four hours a day by using online reservation on our website at:
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    • How far in advance should I make a cabin reservation for overnight Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      It is best to reserve a cabin well in advance of your stay. You need to successfully pass the Camper interview prior to reserving a cabin. Our Camp fills up quickly around holidays, summer vacations, and local events. Early booking is highly recommended!
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    • Do you have Camp showers?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Yes, our Certified Camp Counselors® will be more than happy to give you a Camp Shower so when you return home you are fluffy and looking your best. There is an additional charge for baths and some Camps also offer additional grooming. Check your local Camp website for pricing.

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    Overnight Camp Rules

    • What else does my guardian need to know?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      After a stay at Camp, your paws may be temporarily sensitive from playing on the play area gravel. Try to limit water consumption for the first 3 hours as Campers tend to over drink when they arrive home.
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    • Will someone be able to give me my medicine?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      We administer medication provided by your guardian in pill, powder or liquid form for no additional fee. We do not give any injected medications. All medications must be in their original container.
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    • What kind of overnight Camp gear do I need to bring for my cabin?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      Bring your food, as it is best to stay on the diet you are accustomed to. Your favorite toy or stuffed animal is always a good thing to curl up with at night. You do not need to bring your bed as the cabins have cots with a fleece blanket.
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    • Do I get to play with other day Campers when I am staying for overnight Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Yes, you play all day with the other Campers. We give you a nap in your cabin from 11:30am–1pm.

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    • When can I be dropped off and picked up?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      You are welcome to drop off anytime after opening (check your local Camp for open hours). We request you be picked up 15 minutes prior to closing so we can tuck in the overnight Campers. We suggest being dropped off before 4pm so you can play, eat, and then play again prior to snoozing the night away.

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    Day Camp Rules

    • Can I rest or take a nap?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Yes, have your guardian request a nap for you and you can snooze in our cozy cabins on a comfy cot.

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    • What if I get sick or injured?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      Our Camp Counselors are certified in Pet First Aid & Pet CPR. We will take excellent care of you if an accident occurs. Your guardian will be contacted. If it is an emergency, we will take you to a vet immediately.
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    • Should I eat prior to coming to Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin
      It is best to eat 1.5 hours prior to coming to Camp to prevent Bloat which can be caused by playing too quickly after eating. Just to be safe, if you have eaten in less than 1.5 hours you'll be placed in a cabin until the proper amount of time has passed.
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    • Will I get to eat at Day Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      We will be happy to feed you in a cabin at lunch time with a treat or lunch your guardian packs for you.

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    • Do I need to make a reservation?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      It is highly recommended to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

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    • What are the days and times for day Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Hours vary by location, but all Camps are open 365 Days a year!

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    General Camp Rules

    • What are the requirements for Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      You must be at least 4 months old, spayed or neutered (if over six months) and current on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (canine cough). You must be in good health, flea/tick free, friendly to all dogs, and generally love to play.

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    • Can my guardian check in on me?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Yes, all they need is access to the internet and visit our website to view our Camper Cams.

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    • What do I wear to Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      A quick-release collar with your name and phone number on your ID tag.

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    • What will I do at Camp?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      You play all day with other Campers with similar temperament, size and activity levels in our large indoor & outdoor play areas. You can even go for a swim in our pup pools.

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    • What days and times is the Camp open?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      Hours vary by location, but all Camps are open 365 Days a year!

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    • What is the interview process all about?

      Tuesday,26 January 2010   admin

      To be accepted as a Camper, your guardian completes a behavior questionnaire for you. You are introduced to two Campers to see how well you interact with other Campers. If all goes well, you are welcome to stay at least 3 hours so we can continue to monitor your play patterns. You may stay to play the entire interview day at no cost to your guardian.

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    • How do I contact a Behavior Buddies trainer?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Check with your local Camp or Home Buddies to find a Certified Behavior Buddies trainer in your area. If you do not have a Camp or Home Buddies that is local to you, please contact the corporate office at 877-700-BARK (2275) to find the closest Behavior Buddies trainer to assist you and your pup with behavior modification.

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    • How much does training cost?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Training costs vary depending on whether you are looking to participate in a group class, in-home or in-Camp training. You will want to contact your local Camp or Home Buddies to find a Certified Behavior Buddies trainer in your area. If you visit your local Camp or Home Buddies web site, you can view the costs of their classes and private training sessions.

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    • What do I need to do as the dog’s owner during the training sessions?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      For training to be effective, you must take an active role in working with your dog on the plan that your Behavior Buddies trainer gives you. If you are considering training, it is obvious you are ready to make the changes necessary for you and your dog to have a great relationship, so getting signed up for your first training session is the best move you can make. After that, your trainer will discuss with you what you will need to do to accomplish your goals.

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    • Where does training take place?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Our Behavior Buddies training program offers both obedience classes and private training. The location of your class will depend on the training option you choose and your Behavior Buddies trainer will let you know whether training will be in a Camp Bow Wow location, off-site location or your home.

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    • How do I know whether I need an obedience class or private training?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      If your dog is in need of socialization, manners or you are dealing with behavior issues, a series of obedience classes is probably sufficient. If you have more extensive issues, such a leash reactivity, aggression or resource guarding, you will most likely need private lessons. You will want to consult with a Behavior Buddies trainer so they can take an assessment and help you pick the right setting for your dog’s training.

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    • What if my dog resorts back to the unwanted behavior after Behavior Buddies training is complete?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Your Behavior Buddies trainer will select the training methods that will work best for your canine’s personality, driver, temperament and specific issues. If you take an active role in the training program, you will see positive changes in your canine’s behavior. Should your dog’s behavior alter after you have completed your training program, you should contact your Behavior Buddies trainer for a follow up.

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    • How does a Board-and-Train work?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Board-and-Trains are a great way for your dog to receive training while they are staying at Camp Bow Wow. If you are on vacation or gone for a few days and your dog is staying at Camp Bow Wow, you can have a Certified Behavior Buddies trainer train your dog on specific behaviors. Once you return to pick up your dog, the trainer will have a session with you to show you the dog’s progress and give you instructions on how to maintain the work they have done with your dog.

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    • How do I find a schedule for your Obedience Classes?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      Each Camp Bow Wow or Home Buddies training program has their own schedule of classes. Contact your local Camp Bow Wow or Home Buddies for a schedule of days and times of their classes. You can locate your local Camp or Home Buddies here (link to find a location near you).

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    • What if I have questions that are not answered on this site?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   Steve Ricard

      You can either contact your local Behavior Buddies Trainer, or call our Corporate Houndquarters at 877-700-BARK (2275) and speak to our Behavior Buddies Program Manager and they will be glad to answer any additional questions you may have.

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    Home Buddies - FAQs

    • What is In-Home Pet Care?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      In-home pet care encompasses a large list of services that we provide for any need you have for your pets while you’re out of town, at work or just running errands. We have dog walking, pet sitting (either where we come to the house a few times a day or we can stay at your home), care for special needs pets (older animals, pets who just had surgery, etc), poop scoop services, pet food & supply delivery, concierge services (which could be any service you need to have done while you’re away – pick up your dry cleaning, get groceries before you come home from vacation, etc.) and at some of our Home Buddies locations, we have dog adventures (where we take your dogs for hikes, go to dog parks, etc), Bark ‘N Ride shuttle services (where we can take your dog on the Dog Adventures or rides to vet appointments or to Camp Bow Wow, etc.), grooming and training.

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    • Where do you walk the dogs?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We will walk your dogs anywhere that you normally walk the dogs. We can just stick to the immediate neighborhood or we can walk to a nearby dog park if that’s what you prefer. We like to keep the routine for your dog as close to what you do for your dog so we are consistent with what he or she expects on a walk.

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    • What makes you different than other dog walking & pet care services?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Home Buddies is part of one of the largest and most trusted pet care franchise systems in the country – Camp Bow Wow®. As a leader in the pet care industry for the past ten years, our name is known and trusted throughout north America as a premier provider of superior care for your pets. We have the experience and knowledge in an established brand that people trust.

      We are also a one-stop shop for a long list of pet services. Most of our competitors only offer a fraction of the services that we provide. Our Home Buddies Caregivers are certified in an extensive training program so they are knowledgeable about all types of animals and situations.

      Our favorite feature that really distinguishes us from any competitor is our in-home web cameras (Home Buddies Cams™) which allow you to see, hear and record your pets playing and relaxing at home while you’re away. You can login to a secure site from anywhere in the world that has internet access to see your pets at home. Our cameras have sound too and even record in the dark! If you catch your pets doing something cute or funny, you can click a button on your keyboard and take a photo or even record their actions.

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    • How do you justify your prices?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We are very competitive within our market. We are proud of our highly trained staff and services and feel our prices are well worth the peace of mind that you get with a trusted brand.

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    • Do you offer a discount for extended stays?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Our prices vary by location, however, in most locations we do have a discount for multiple days. Please check the individual location websites for a list of prices.

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    • Can you provide my dog his/her medications?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We are happy to administer most medications for your pets. We will discuss this in more detail with you during your complimentary consultation.

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    • Do you service all types of pets?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Yes, for the most part. We service dogs, cats, birds, fish, small mammals and reptiles. The only animals we don’t service would be exotic “pets” like lions, tigers and bears.

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    • What vaccinations are required?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      There are no required vaccinations with Home Buddies pets except for the state-required vaccinations that all pets must have. We do recommend that our canine companions be vaccinated for rabies, distemper and bordatella; especially if you wish your pup be walked by one of our Home Buddies Certified Caregivers.

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    • What do you do in case of illness or injury?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      First and foremost, we tend to your pets’ immediate needs. Our Home Buddies Certified Caregivers are certified in pet CPR & first aid, so we can care for your pet if it is a superficial wound. If it’s something serious, we will take the pet to your personal vet (or emergency vet if your vet doesn’t have after-hours services). We will call you at the emergency number you leave us or your closest emergency contact.

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    • My dog has health issues, will you still come?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Absolutely. One of the benefits of Home Buddies is that we are trained to care for elderly pets or pets with special needs. We will review in detail with you how you care for your pet so we can duplicate it while you’re gone and not interrupt any routine.

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    • Does someone stay at my house overnight?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Yes, if you prefer that we stay at your house, we of course offer that service.

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    • What is your cancellation policy?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      This may vary by location and is a good question to ask your local Home Buddies when you meet them during your complimentary consultation.

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    • Where should I put the Home Buddies Cams™ to view my pets?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      The best place is somewhere that you can see a larger portion of a room where your pets mainly like to hang out. The nice part about our web cameras is that they are wireless, so if you’d like your Home Buddies Certified Caregiver to move the camera while you’re gone, we can move it to any part of the house or even follow your pet around for you with the camera while we’re at the home.

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    • Can I buy a Home Buddies Cam™?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Absolutely. Once you use the Home Buddies Cams™ a few times, you’ll be addicted. You can purchase them for yourself or buy them as gifts for other friends or family that you have with pets.

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    • Are you insured and bonded?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Yes, we are completely insured with the appropriate insurance and each of our individual Home Buddies franchises are fully bonded as well.

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    • Do you do background checks on your employees?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Yes, not only do each of our Home Buddies Certified Caregivers has to pass their background check, they are also extensively trained in all parts of our business. We only hire people that we would trust with our own animals.

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    • Will I be able to contact you?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Yes, I will give you all of the pertinent information you would need to reach me as well as others as a backup.

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    • What happens if you (the Caregiver) gets sick?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We will provide an alternate Certified Caregiver.

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    • What happens if my house is damaged in my absence?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We are covered by our insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request.

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    • What is your procedure if my pet escapes?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We will do everything in our power to make sure this doesn’t happen. However, in the event that this does occur, we will contact you so that you are aware as we vigorously look for your pet. We will also contact the appropriate local agencies to help locate your pet as soon as possible. We put our Home Buddies collar tags on your dog while we’re in your home in addition to your own tags so that we allow another source of identification if an escape occurs.

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    • Do you have disaster preparedness plans?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or other disaster, we will do all that we can to make sure your pets are safe and that you and/or your emergency contacts are contacted. We are trained in pet CPR & first aid, so if there are any injuries, we follow our safety procedures to tend to your pets.

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    • Where do you dispose of the poop that you scoop?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      It’s what you prefer. We can dispose of the poop in our sealed trash bags in your waste receptacles or haul it away for you.

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    • What chemicals do you use for cleaning?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      We use Spartan cleaning chemicals which have been proven safe for use around animals. We use these to eliminate stains and odors only if necessary.

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    • Is there a discount for multiple dogs?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      Our prices vary by location, however, in most locations we do have a discount for multiple dogs. Please check the individual location websites for a list of prices.

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    • Can my pets stay at the Caregiver’s house instead of my house?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank

      This is a good question to ask your local Home Buddies when you meet them during your complimentary consultation. At that time you can discuss your needs, and your Home Buddies representative can share the individual attention they can provide you and your pets.

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    • Can I get multiple Home Buddies Cams™ to view my pets?

      Thursday,20 March 2014   pfrank


      Absolutely. We can setup one camera or five or however many you’d like. Check with our individual local Home Buddies to ask for prices on the camera rentals (or purchases).

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