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Poop Scooping

When doody calls let us do all the dirty work and you can enjoy a clean yard!

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    You love your dog, but picking up their mess is never fun. We offer pet waste removal services so your dog can romp and play in your yard to their heart's content. We offer one-time and repeat services year-round, even in the winter and will design the best service plan to fit your needs. Regular poop scoop services with Camp Bow Wow Boise ensure your dog always has a yard free of poop. Let us help you check something off of your to-"doo" list, so you can enjoy a family-friendly, attractive yard.

    We hold our Certified Caregivers to a high level of service and safety for your pets and home. Camp Bow Wow is bonded and insured and each of our Caregivers is:

    • Pet first aid & CPR certified
    • Background checked
    • Skilled in caring for pets with special needs
  • Service Price

    Price varies based on number of pets and scheduled visits

    1st Spring Clean
    Small Yard
    Regular Yard
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