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How Do You #GiveAFetch?

Our #GiveAFetch campaign aims to promote responsible pet ownership and community member while celebrating the special things we do for our dogs.

Introducing Public Protector Discount

Inspired by selfless pet savings heroes, the Public Protector Discount offers franchisee fee discount to firefighters, law enforcement officers and paramedics.

Animals Profit from Foundation Donations

According to Giving USA, donations for foundations benefiting animals and the environment totaled $10.68 billion last year—a 6.2% increase in giving.

New Camp Bow Wow Houndquarters

With a Camp lifestyle atmosphere, our new "houndquarters" aims to accommodate both our employees and their furry friends.

Relax and Destress with Puppies

Studies show that people begin to feel less anxious after spending time with an animal.

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